Rule Category:Combat
Rule Name:Luck and Unluck
Rather than using the book descriptions, Luck and Unluck function as indicated below:

Each 1d6 of Luck becomes a Luck point that the player can use to reroll one of their own die rolls. For example, if they missed with an attack, they can use the Luck point and reroll the attack. The Luck point cannot be used to force an opponent to reroll any die rolls. 3 Luck points can be used as a Fate point to not only reroll a die roll, but to actually determine the result of the die roll. For example, it can be used to declare an attack roll of 3, or a max damage roll, or a max stun multiplier, etc. Each Luck point can be used but once per battle. Luck points return at the beginning of the next battle.

Each 1d6 of Unluck becomes an Unluck point. Unluck allows opponents to force a reroll. For example, if someone with Unluck hit them with a nasty attack, the opponent could invoke one of their Unluck points to force them to reroll the attack roll. Other options are to force a reroll of particularly nasty damage or a lucky stun multiplier. Each point of Unluck can be invoked but once per battle. Unluck returns at the end of each battle.
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