Two Thousand Worlds
Subject:Two Thousand Worlds
Description:Most common name in the Imperium for the region of space ruled by the K'kree. "Two thousand worlds" is a literal translation of the K'kree *"T't'tkahk Xeng Kirr"*. The same words can also be rendered idiomatically as "universe." In times past, the words meant "night sky," for roughly two thousand stars can be seen from one hemisphere of Kirur, the K'kree homeworld. The name should not be taken to mean that there are exactly 2000 worlds in the K'kree empire.

The K'kree government is highly conservative. The current dynasty ruling the Two Thousand Worlds has been in power since prehistoric times, and the form of the government has remained unchanged except for a few minor modifications made necessary by the problems inherent in governing an interstellar empire.

K'kree expansion into space progressed very slowly after the discovery of the jump drive in 4142. The conservative nature of society and the technical limitations placed upon spaceflight by that society (K'Kree spaceships must be very large, for example) combined to inhibit early exploration and colonization.

The discovery of other sophonts caused a xenophobic reaction in K'kree society. The realization that intelligent carnivores might exist somewhere in space sparked the K'kree obsession to convert the universe to herbivorism. This obsession stimulated the growth of the Two Thousand Worlds to its present size and still dominates K'kree culture. Local cultures are tolerated and other aspects of K'kree society are not heavily enforced, but all races within the Two Thousand Worlds are herbivorous.

K'kree contact with the Hive Federation was soon followed by the Hiver-K'kree war of 3440 to 3456. The military technology of the K'kree proved superior in the first stages of the war. The war ended due to nonmilitary considerations, however, when the Hive Federation demonstrated a plan to radically alter the K'kree social order through the use of psychohistorical techniques and threatened to implement it. The K'kree withdrew to the antebellum borders, and the border between the two states has remained stable to this day.

The K'Kree Empire eventually stopped in its expansion. Increasing problems of administration over interstellar distances and contact with other starfaring races (such as *hivers *and humaniti) have stabilized the Two Thousand Worlds at its present size.
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