Amber Zone
Subject:Amber Zone
Description:Amber Zone - Travellers' Aid Society classification for a nation, world, or system which presents a need for caution in dealings and activity. The amber code may indicate chaos, upheaval, or xenophobia in local business, politics, society, or culture, or it may be applied for other reasons. Travellers should exercise caution.

Until recently, the Imperial Travellers' Aid Society considered all worlds within the Imperium safe unless specifically noted otherwise. With the recent fragmentation of the Imperium, the travel zone classification of worlds has been relegated to local branches of the Society.

The Domain of Deneb branch of TAS has classified worlds outside its borders as amber zones. Travellers are advised to exercise caution, especially in areas bordering Aslan space, Corridor Sector, the Vargr Extents and the Solomani Rim.

See also Red Zone, Travel Zone
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