Darrian Confederation
Subject:Darrian Confederation
Description:A group of worlds in the Darrian subsector settled by a minor human race from Darrian (0627 Spinward Marches) during the period 4332 to 4542. The current capital is Mire (0527 Spinward Marches).

Physiologically, Darrians sport a number of adaptations resulting from their homeworld's environment. However most are not apparent at a glance. The noticeable differences lie in their golden pigmentation, slight build, and pointed ears. Their biology remains closely enough linked to allow interbreeding with the Solomani. Ethnic Darrians usually display a stoic, tolerant air.

The Darrian Confederation is a loose organization of 18 worlds with close ties to the Domain of Deneb. Compositionally, the Confederation consists of a blend of races: 20% Solomani, 8% Aslan, 12% assorted human races, and 60% Darrian. Confederation inhabitants are known for their focus in scholastic and technological activities. Tourism also plays a significant role in their economy.

With a tech level of 16 (one higher than the Imperial standard), Darrian's greatest strength lies in its astrophysical sciences. Darrian scientists are reputed to be able to induce subnova flares in stars at will.
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