Description:Deneb: Imperial sector containing 385 systems lying beyond the Great Rift; named for the sector's brightest star, Deneb.

Deneb sector was fragmentarily settled by both Vilani and Vargr during the latter years of the First Imperium, but major development of the sector only took place after Third Imperium Scout Service explorations located major resource worlds in quantity. Industrial worlds that exploited those resources soon created trade routes and commercial ties that linked the Imperial core with the Spinward Marches.

Deneb sector is primarily Imperial. The Imperial border runs just within the coreward edge of the sector, and scattered Vargr systems (as well as non-aligned systems and client states) lie beyond the border.

Deneb is part of the Domain of Deneb, a region loyal to the Imperium under the leadership of Grand Duke Norris. The sector is on red alert on its coreward border and is ready to defend against alien insurgents from the Vargr Extents. Its trailing border abuts the so-called Restored Vilani Empire, a rebellious sector containing Vland; occasional hostilities have been reported.
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