Fourth Frontier War (6551-6553)
Subject:Fourth Frontier War (6551-6553)
Description:Also know as the False War. Short, inconclusive war fought primarily in Jewell Subsector between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. The war was in the Spinward Marches with initial assaults by the Zhodani against Jewell and Regina Subsectors stalled at the borders. Its final battle, the Battle of Two Suns, 6553, was waged in the vicinity of Yres and Manorb and resulted in Imperial victory. The armistice was signed before instructions for the conduct of the war were received from the capital.

Zhodani textbooks on the subject make it clear that the war started when Imperial warships entered Zhodani space and refused to leave. At that point the commanding officer considered them hostiles and defended Zhodani interests against imminent attack. After holding back a much larger invasion force with a border picket, the Zhodani commander executed a brilliant defense in the Yres/Manorb region and forced the Imperium to settle for a few worthless systems, while strengthening the Zhodani frontier. It's all there in the textbooks.
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