Zho Phrases
Subject:Zho Phrases

As smart as an abrstia (Abrstia - A domesticated animal native to Zhdant. Analogous to the Terran chicken, but providing a fibrous feather that can be woven into cloth.)

Kredl-minded (Kredl - An animal native to Zhdant which serves in a position analogous to Terran cattle.)

All the charm of a noql (Noql - Animal common to Zhdant, but transported there by the Ancients. An amphibious crawler, the noql is raised domestically in dammed streams. Something like a large salamander.)

The same faith I have in a zjipyli (Zjipyli - A small animal with the ability to change its color and, to some extent, its shape. Native to Zhdant.)


Achtiabr! (Achtiabr - Trans: unknown. Something of unspecified type to be wary of.)

Dzagtlas! (Dzagtlas - Trans: "Great Death". Another name for the Viepchakl Plague of -7950.)

Dzhagak food! (Dzhagak - A large carrion-eating flying creature native to Zhdant.)

Lower than vargr dung (self-explanatory)


You're real stonjinad. (Stonjinad - Trans: unknown, but an occupation worthy of incorporating into a prole family name, as the suffix "-nad" denotes. Intendants or nobles don't use this and would likely be offended.)

Better than a two day Viepchaklstial (Viepchaklstial is a one day festival of wild abandon held between Atrint and Vrienstial.)


A Jadlapriants' Word (The people of the Jadlapriants province have a reputation for being very staid and stuffy, but also very proud of their honesty. If a Jadlapriants gives his word to cut off his right arm, you can expect it to be delivered to you by day's end.)
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