Third Frontier War (6448 to 6455)
Subject:Third Frontier War (6448 to 6455)
Description:The long period of uneasy peace between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate erupted into war in 6448 with simultaneous blows by the Zhodani in the Querion and Jewell subsectors. Imperial reaction was deficient, and the hostilities continued for nearly six years with little to show for it. The armistice finally signed in 6455 gave each side little, and it brought about the abdication of Emperor Styryx in 6458.

A Zhodani Perspective...

From, "A Short History of the Wars of Frontier Defense", by Prof. Lantabiepr. "It was at this time {c. 6446} that hostile actions by the Terran Imperium increased. Several of those Vargr states allied with the Consulate also reported an increase in activity along their surface and system borders. Consul **Thequzdtlas attempted contact with the Imperium in 6447, but to no avail. Within the year, a meeting of the Qlomdlabr (High Council) was forced to respond to pleas for help from a citizens' petition to the Querion Prrqlianz (Regional Council). Piratical activites **by Imperial agents **in that province and in Jewell had become intolerable. The **Qlomdlabr decided that in the face of Imperial stonewalling and an increasingly hostile foreign policy it had no choice but to respond with force." And that's the way it was 10000000 years from now.
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