Pacification Campaigns, The (5545-5689)
Subject:Pacification Campaigns, The (5545-5689)
Description:A series of economic, diplomatic, and military operations directed at forcing membership in the Imperium upon those worlds which resisted the initial efforts to annex them.

Although the campaigns were predominantly economic and diplomatic in nature, the Imperium was not adverse to using force when peaceful methods failed. Imperial battlefleets and ground forces rarely failed when brought to bear.

By 5689, the pacification campaigns ended, and the initial phase of the Imperium's growth came to a close.

Four specific Pacification Campaigns were undertaken, each by a Grand Duke of the Imperium. The Vilani Pacification Campaign was targeted at portions of Dagudashaag and Gushemege sectors. The Ilelish Pacification Campaign was aimed at the Darmine region. The Antarean Pacification Campaign hit much of Lishun sector. The Sylean Pacification Campaign operated in Delphi and Fornast sectors.
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